Vais Arms Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions



Q. What is the turnaround time for a muzzle brake installation?

A. From the time we receive a muzzle brake job until we ship it back is about 2 weeks. Slightly more time may be required if additional work is requested such as pillar bedding.


Q. Will my barrel be shortened when the brake is installed?

A. No. We never cut a barrel or modify the crown unless requested by the customer.

Q. Will you match the finish on my barrel?

A. We match the finish on all barrels as closely as possible. All brakes are polished or bead blasted to match the barrel and the brakes for blued barrels are hot blued.


Q. How much recoil reduction can I expect with a Vais brake?

A. Our Vais brake is very efficient at recoil reduction. Exact percentages for recoil reduction cannot be listed for each caliber as it varies depending on bullet weight, barrel length, weight of the rifle, and in some cases even the powder used. Recoil reduction of up to 50% is common with the large 7mm and 300 magnums. On rifles such as the 270 and 30-06 recoil reduction of 40% is common. The reason for the difference is the magnums have a much larger muzzle blast and more energy for the brake to work with to reduce recoil. Big bore rifles such as the 375 and 458 are harder to tame down for two reasons. The heavier bullets produce more recoil and the larger bores burn the powder faster. This leaves less muzzle blast for the brake to reduce recoil. Average reduction for these calibers is 30% to 35%.

Q. How does a muzzle brake work?

A. A muzzle brake is designed to capture as much of the energy contained in the muzzle blast as possible. The brake converts some of this energy into a forward thrust which counteracts some of the rifles recoil.

Q. What makes the Vais brake quieter than other brakes?

A. Our Vais brake has eight small holes drilled from the muzzle of the brake. These holes are drilled through all of the cross ports and terminate in a small expansion chamber just ahead of the barrel muzzle. This configuration very effectively vents most of the noise and concussion away from the shooter.

Q. How much velocity will I lose with a muzzle brake installed?

A. No. Velocity is not lost with a brake and in fact the velocity is very slightly increased.

Q. Will my rifle lose any of its accuracy after the brake is installed?

A. No. A brake that is properly made and installed should never hurt the accuracy of a rifle. In many cases we get reports of improved accuracy. Some of this is due to the customer shooting better because of the reduced recoil. Accuracy is sometimes improved because of the way the muzzle brake diverts gases away from the bullet path.

Q. Do you make your brake with threads to fit existing threads on my barrel?

A. Yes. We can match all of the threads used by other muzzle brakes. The brake should be installed by your gunsmith or sent to us for installation to insure proper alignment. There is a 10% special machining charge for brakes with special threads.

Q. How does the noise level of your muzzle brake in decibels compare to a rifle without a brake installed?

A. Independent testing has been done. Click Here