Vais Arms Inc.

History of Vais Arms Inc.

Two of the Rifles used to win in the world championship long range "F" class in canada were barreled by Ron Bartlett

Vais Arms was purchased from George Vais by Ron Bartlett in 1999. At this time the company was incorporated under the same name because of the association of the Vais name with the muzzle brakes.

Ron Bartlett is the owner and operator of Vais Arms, Inc. Ron’s career in gunsmithing began when he graduated with an associate degree in gunsmithing from Trinidad State Jr. College in Trinidad, Colorado. After graduation he was employed by Dale Wise Custom Guns in San Antonio for four years where he learned some of the finer points of rifle barrel work .From ’71 to ’74 he worked for Robert Kleinguenther (now KDF) as gunsmith in charge of quality control. In 1976 Ron signed on with Nagel’s Gun Shop in San Antonio and remained employed there for 23 years. His duties there included most of the rebarreling and custom metal work, warranty repairs for Browning, Remington, Winchester, US Repeating Arms, Marlin and Savage as well as general repairs on most makes and models of rifles handguns and shotguns.

In ’97 Ron decided to try the Vais muzzle brake since brakes were getting more popular all the time, and the Vais brake was advertised as being quieter. After making initial contact with George Vais he was invited to order the brakes direct. The Vais brakes were soon so popular with customers that they insisted on no other brake but the Vais.

A note from Ron Bartlett:

Customer service has always been a very important and interesting part of what I do. I have enjoyed working with shooters in the San Antonio and south Texas area for most of my career. Now that I have a business that allows me to offer service to shooters nationwide, my work is more rewarding and enjoyable than ever. Thank you and I look forward to helping you with your shooting needs to the best of my ability.

- Ron Bartlett