Vais Arms Inc.


Standard Vais TM Muzzle Brake

Sizes up to 7/8"

For Brakes only installation not included
Chrome Moly $102.25
Stainless $116.25

For installations done in our shop

Sizes up to 7/8"

Stainless or Blued installed Brake included $275.00
Recrown during installation $35.00
Shorten and crown during installation $40.00
Thread Cap (need barrel diameter) $35.00

Sizes up to 1.5" available

Shop Labor

Re-barrel (not including cost of new barrel) $350.00
Cut Barrel and re-crown $75.00
True action On Remington and similar $275.00
True action on Winchester 70 and Mauser $125.00
Sako Extractor installed in Remington bolt  $195.00
Glass Bed (no pillars) $195.00
Glass Bed with Pillars $275.00
Trigger Job (most actions) $65.00

Shipping Costs

Shipping Muzzle Brakes and small parts Min. $12.50
Shipping & insurance for rifles Min. $35.00